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  • Welcome leaders of Mechanical Hydraulics Company to visit Guiqi PTFE Sealing Company

    2019-12-1, it is a great honor for Guangzhou Guiqi PTFE Sealing Company to welcome two batches of customers who make R & D hydraulic machinery in various regions of China to visit Guiqi Seal to inspect our company's production strength and understand how we keep our products Guaranteed high quality production. & nbsp; Two hydraulic company bosses and seal company Hu..More


  • PTFE Seals Company Brainstorms: Planning Elections for National Top Ten Cattlemen Conference

    On November 1st, Guiqi PTFE Seals Co., Ltd. urgently convened all senior members of the business department, brand promotion department and seals company to prepare for the recent election of Guiqi Seals Co. The purpose of this conference is to plan how to pull support for the vote and make Guiqi's brand..More


  • Guiqi Sealing Company: Warm Heart Nest Dinner

    On October 30th, in the dining room of Guiqi Sealing Company, all the employees of the company got together. It was because President Zong said that in order to comfort the hard work and hard work of the employees throughout the year, he specially invited the entire company. Employees enjoy a rich feast of whole sheep on this evening. & nbsp; & nbsp; Tonight Guiqi Mi..More


  • Warm welcome: VIPs from afar come to Guiqi Sealing Company

    & nbsp; On October 21st, Guangzhou Guiqi Seals Co., Ltd., which specializes in the development of shield seals, was invited by strategic partner Dongsheng Seals Co., Ltd. to participate in the opening ceremony of Guangzhou Universal Machinery City in the afternoon. We also welcomed a group of Vietnamese VIPs who came from afar. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; ..More


  • Together and win-win! Guiqi Seals Company was invited to the opening ceremony of Guangzhou Huanyu International Machinery City!

    On October 21, a major event occurred in the Guangdong machinery industry. A grand opening ceremony was held in Guangzhou Huanyu International Machinery City. It is a great honor for Guangzhou Guiqi Sealing Company to be invited by the strategic partner Dongsheng Sealing Company. Take part in this grand opening. & nbsp; & nbsp; Not only that, in .. more


  • What is the use of gland seals

    Guiqi Sealing Ring would like to ask you: Do you know that there is a sealing product that is a shield gland sealing ring in the simple form of a load shaft seal? & nbsp; & nbsp; Its elastic core rubber sealing ring is widely used in industrial hydraulic equipment to control the pillars, which can make mechanical equipment not leak for a long time. & nbsp; Flexible ... More


  • What is the use of O-shaped seals in hydraulic cylinders?

    There are also people in the industry who call them oil seals in the seals of agricultural machinery. Shield seal manufacturers can tell you: it will divide various seals according to different working conditions and uses. & nbsp; & nbsp; O-shaped seal is very suitable for small hydraulic cylinder, U-shaped seal is used for hydraulic cylinder or upload..More


  • Do you know the rubber seals with deformation characteristics?

    Generally speaking, the degree of compressive deformation of fluoro rubber seals at high temperatures is large, but if compared under the same conditions, it can be seen from the compressive deformation at the same time that the butyl and neoprene rubber are larger than the fluoride. The compression deformation of fluorine rubber at 200 & deg; c & times; 24 hours is equivalent to the compression of nitrile rubber at 150 & deg; c & times; 24 hours..More


  • What is the high pressure resistant shield ring

    Media conditions, or different mechanical seals, or may correspond to the host in different working environments. The shield seal company tells you: you have to do the selection of mechanical seals, the working environment or the environment of the mechanical seals. Let's see what kind of dielectric high pressure is needed for high pressure resistant seals? & nbsp; ..more


  • 2019 celebrates National Day! Guangzhou Guiqi company's 11th holiday notice!

    Guangzhou Guiqi Hydraulic Seal Co., Ltd. I wish all new and old customers in advance: Happy National Day! & nbsp; As everyone celebrates the country's 70th birthday! Here, Guiqi Seals Company will inform you in advance of the National Day holiday time: October 1, 2019 to October 6, 2019, a total of 6 days, and normal work on October 7 (Monday) .. more


  • How to choose the form of PTFE seal

    The optional seal material of the PTFE seal is combined with the specifications of the seal structure, and it is determined whether the seal is incorporated into the shield machine seal system model. & nbsp; Therefore, Guiqi seal parts manufacturers tell you that according to the different conditions of use, rubber and synthetic resin are mainly used in the production of materials, because the materials are not..More


  • The PTFE seal you need is here!

    Guangzhou Guiqi Seals Manufacturer has the R & D and production experience in the seal industry. Our original intention is not only to make high-quality seal products, but to better solve the problems the customers have inquired about and give them A feeling of returning from shopping after shopping! & nbsp; PTFE seal & nbs..More


  • Walk with me! Win-win together! Guangzhou Guiqi Seal Promotional Album is online!

    & nbsp; Our Guangzhou Guiqi Seal Promotional Album is online! The company mainly produces high-quality shield machine seal products. Secondly, Guiqi Hydraulic Seal has many years of experience in the seal industry. It specializes in Herrenknecht, China Railway Equipment, China Railway Construction, Water Conservancy Bureau, Basic Company, Komatsu and many other domestic and foreign brands. Agent's Shield: More


  • Walk the road of cattle merchants and build the Chinese dream together! Dongsheng Seals was invited to participate in the Fifth National Bull Business Competition!

    From June 14th to 15th, 2019, the strategic cooperation ally of Guiqi Seals Manufacturers, Dongsheng Seals was invited to participate in the Fifth China E-commerce Top Ten Bulls Contest, and the Dongguan War Zone officially opened. !! Dongsheng Seals has also become one of the witnesses of the brilliant creation of the 5th National Cattleman Competition (Dongguan Theater) .. more


  • Use data to analyze high temperature resistant PTFE seals

    First of all, let's explain what a PTFE seal is. As the name implies, a seal made of PTFE material is called a PTFE seal. Let's think about why this kind of material is a seal. So popular? & nbsp; Guiqi seal manufacturers tell you: in large construction machinery..more


  • Can the hinge seal be adjusted to prevent slurry leakage?

    The failure of slurry leakage in the operation of the machine is a great damage to the shield machine. Guiqi seal manufacturers tell you: In order to prevent and mitigate the above situation, the hinge seal ring of the shield machine must be Perform adjustments to adapt to changing line geology. & nbsp; Thanks to the Ministry of Emergency ... More


  • The key to PTFE seal is its material properties?

    Guiqi sealing ring manufacturers tell you: If you want to effectively improve the medium condition of the mechanical fluid of PTFE seals, prevent pollution and avoid damage to seal rings, seal components and accessories, you must understand the relevant properties of PTFE seals. . & nbsp; 1. Chemical properties of PTFE seal ring 1. Weathering aging: long..More


  • What is the relationship between the performance of the shield ring of the shield machine and the speed coefficient of the shaft?

    What is the shield seal of shield machine? Also known as a lip seal (commonly known as an oil seal), Guiqi seal ring manufacturers tell you that oil seals prevent the leakage of bearing lubricants through the interference of flexible seal lip and shaft, and are widely used in engineering machinery transmission, drive axle and other parts Transmission front and rear output shaft, transaxle main reducer..more


  • They turned out to be the regular Guiqi sealing ring making material?

    Guiqi sealing ring manufacturers tell you: commonly used sealing materials are mainly divided into the following four categories: 1. Fiber and elastomer sealing materials: asbestos, leather, rubber, PTFE, etc. The main sealing material of sealing products such as packings and rubber seals, etc., under the action of lower sealing force..More


  • What is the rubber seal ring of the shield machine?

    Do you know what is an expanded rubber ring? Guiqi sealing ring manufacturers tell you: the expansion rubber seal has a simple structure, convenient construction, good water-stopping effect, environmental protection and corrosion resistance. At the same time, it speeds up the construction progress and greatly reduces the overall cost. & nbsp; Therefore, according to different usage requirements, can be designed..More


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